The Creative Airdrie Society (CAS) acts as the hub for investment, promotion, engagement, development and education of the arts in the community. Formed in September of 2010 by business leaders and artists, CAS has in five short years successfully changed the arts landscape in the City of Airdrie, by launching an annual arts festival ARTember and creating several ground breaking public art initiatives. CAS is generating city-wide buzz for their focus and acumen to move arts and culture to the forefront of the general population and local and regional government.



The mission of Creative Airdrie Society, with its partners, is to engage all Airdrie citizens in a vibrant and healthy arts and cultural community that is recognized for excellence.



  • Airdrie is a city with a vibrant sustainable, resilient and innovative arts industry

  • Airdrie is a city rich in talent and artistic excellence is celebrated

  • Airdrie is a city with a diverse range of arts and culture events and attractive places and spaces to host them

  • Airdrie is a city where every child has the opportunity to explore and experience the arts

  • Airdrie is a city that values arts and culture and considers it a priority in enriching the lives of all residents

  • Airdrie is a city with outstanding arts leadership