Airdrie’s annual celebration of Alberta Art & Culture Days with a focus on all things ‘creative’.  In years past we’ve participated in, promoted, contributed to, and hosted a wide range of activities and events for citizens of Airdrie and surrounding regions.  The list is long…

  • Culture at the Creek Festival
  • Art in Business
  • Schooled in the Arts
  • Maker’s Market
  • Art of the Harvest
  • Taste of Airdrie
  • Art Installation Challenge

ARTember engages the entire community including volunteers, businesses and of course arts and culture organizations who make a home in our City.  Groups like Airdrie Regional Arts Society, SLAM, Airdrie Public Library, Bert Church Theatre, Nosecreek Players, Nose Creek Valley Museum, Iron Horse Park, and many more, play a key role.

ARTember continues to evolve to suit our citizens, our economy and our passions.  For information on what’s happening visit us on Facebook or at