The Miller Paint Park was started in 2011 with the first ARTember festival. The free wall paint space is for area artists to express themselves with aerosol paints. The space is always changing, especially over the summer months as artists come in to create murals. The Paint Park is self policed by volunteer artists who keep the space clean and ensure that profanity and hate messages are not tolerated. One of the key volunteers is artist Zach Abbott whose work is often seen in the “cage”. Zach also created the Miller Mural, a consigned piece for Miller Trucking, who became the sponsor for the Miller Paint Park after seeing Zach’s work.  Each year during the ARTember the space is white-washed and Zach and an array of artists host workshops for youth to learn the techniques used by street artists.  Artists regularly come from Calgary to paint here as there is no such legal space provided within the City of Calgary.