Jennifer Benner has lived in Airdrie since 2005 and started a small, home-based business, Benner Database Designs in 2009. She is the busy mother of 2 small girls and tries to juggle her non-existent free time between her family, her business, as an Airdrie Chamber member, acting as current Vice President for the Think Airdrie Networking group, and as a mentor with the City of Airdrie’s SMARTStart program. A closet artist she has always enjoyed writing, painting and glass work. Becoming a member of the Creative Airdrie Board is the perfect opportunity for her to contribute her mix of business savvy and creative innovation. Arts and culture are extremely important to Jennifer and she feels it’s definitely worth her time and effort to cultivate their development. It shapes our society and helps define our personal identities. It should be nurtured in some form, in all of us. She’s is excited to be able to give back to the Airdrie community and her goal is to make Airdrie the new Art Mecca of Canada… P.S. her favourite colour is purple.